Business Without Limits 3.14 Workshop

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WHERE Vancouver, BC TBA

The quality of the material covered was excellent, I have made reference to my note book on many occasions...The Difference Engine helped unveil the fog through which I could not see past by giving me space to listen, be challenged and be heard.

Simon Whitfield, Co-Founder of Relentless Pursuits Partners and 4 time Olympian (Gold and Silver)

I can’t say enough about the work shop and how much it has transformed my perspective on our businesses. I am clearer than I have ever been on what I want, where our team is and how we can take our business to a new level.

Willie Cromack, Cyclebetes

I am truly blown away everyday by the results I have produced in such a short period of time.

Mark Custance, Lakeview Computers

I got a whole new level of clarity for what I authentically wanted to create in my life inside the world of business and pleasure. And that these two worlds can be one amazing world as fun and rewarding as riding my bike.

Brent Martin, Ryders Eyewear

I have managed to triple the old owner’s first year revenue, and am a finalist in the Business Examiner Awards of Excellence for “Entrepreneur of the Year".

Bobbi Buckle, Winners Poker League Inc.

I launched a new venture in early 2011 that has sales in excess of $550,000 in the first 120 days, on track to exceed two million in the first 12 months, all while spending more time with my family and golfing more than I have ever done before.

Tom Matzen, Quantum Business Golf

Do you want to align your life and your business to deliver these results ?

What if you could build an aligned life? Aligned teams? A company aligned with what the world wants and needs? Know how to continually true-up so that when you are inevitably out of alignment you can quickly and gently realign in the moment while building an aligned future that rocks.

We have all experienced those times of flow or "being in the zone" - when everything is going great, you may be working hard but everything is working. You are clear and grounded, confident that you are taking the appropriate actions. Feeling energized and alive. We would say that you are personally aligned. Download the TDE Workshop Flyer

How about when you have an amazing experience with a company - you are completely cared for and every aspect of your interaction from beginning to end is spectacular. Again we would say this is the power of an aligned company (and team) delivering and aligned intention.

Have you ever asked yourself why some company's perform so well in down economies and then leverage that into even higher performance when the economy improves? We would say that this is another example of alignment. One where the company does the work and creating required to align themselves with the wants and needs of the world - aligning brand, strategies, team, innovation, customer experience. We will teach you how to align with changing business environments having you be dynamic and agile when conditions change.

In this four day workshop we show you how to do it. - Get clear about how to design what it looks like when it is finished, create the pathways to build it and how to set into motion those actions that will have it become reality. Below are some of the areas that we will cover:

Live the Cliche Life:

We all have them - we all know them - what if you could design your business to actually have them happen? Love what you do. Be the master of your own life. Have great teamwork - and so on. More...


If you work your brand, your brand will work for you. looking for an mp3 player you think iPod. What is needed for you to be the supplier of choice. More...


Sales. Business development. Bringing in the amount of business you want with a level of effectiveness that works. More...

Managing Staff and Self:

Creating an environment where your staff are inspired to do their best work and loving what they are doing. The principles also apply if you are just by yourself. More...

Having a great life:

At the end of the day, the reason you are doing everything is to have a great life. How do you set up your business to have it be great now and every day, not later when (and if) you are successful? We start a business to serve our lives and very quickly our lives are serving our business. Time to turn it around. More...

Operational Excellence:

We love using really well designed, well built things. They are usually crafted with great care, each part carefully done. It is possible to have a business where everything functions exceptionally well and you love running it. More...

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