#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #3 – Laugh!

chuckle, giggle, howl, roar, scream, snicker, snort, whoop, chortle, guffaw, break up, crack up, die laughing, roll in the aisles, split one’s sides, be in stitches. Your mission today, should you choose to accept it is find, someone, some place, something to watch or listen to, people to hang out with… something that will make you laugh. And by laugh we mean laugh out loud – […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #2 – Be First To….

Today’s challenge is great Friday challenge. Today be intentional about being first – Be the first to say hi (see if you can say hi before your barista does). Be the first to smile at someone in passing. Be the first to reach out to shake hands. Be the first to open the door. Be the […]

The #Aligned30 Daily Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who is playing the #Aligned30 challenge – you are over halfway by my calculations…If you have been playing along at home we are on day 16 with 14 more to go. So we are going to add a wrinkle to the #Aligned30. You could be in a few places: Playing full out and […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #1

So we are going to start you out gently and in keeping with the green theme of St. Patty’s Day (No it is not go to the pub for a pint – though I would sure be down for that #Imissbeer). No todays challenge is pretty straight forward – go outside and find a way […]

Audio links for Webinars

Here are the links to download the audio from our twice weekly calls: If you would like to download the file just right click or control click the link and “save link as”. Tuesday March 1 Thursday March 3 Tuesday March 8 Thursday March 10 Tuesday March 14 (missing first couple of minutes – picks up […]

Tuesday, Thursday Webinar Details

Join us 9:00 AM PST for the… POWER OF ALIGNMENT WEBINARS! TUES & THU 9AM PST Starting March 1st Starting March 1st Or Phone: +1 647 558 0588 (CAN) +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 690 239 2339

Where it is all going down…

We are stoked to announce that we have found the perfect venue for the workshop. It has taken us a while as we wanted a great space with some nature and plenty of natural light for the 4 day event. I am pleased to say we have satisfied those criteria. The Workshop will be held […]

What nourishes your alignment?

As I was looking at the #Aligned30 challenge for myself I looked at activities and aspects in my life that nurture a strong sense of alignment with my higher intentions and purpose and aspects that have a negative impact or lead to misalignment. I created a list for myself and I thought I would share it. […]

What is this Aligned30 thing?

We are big fans of a nutritional program called the Whole30 ( ) Anurag (the vegetarian) and I (the carnivore) have done it a number of times. Basically it is a 30 day reset of your diet – where you eat real food and avoid a bunch of foods that may be causing you […]

Workshop Testimonial

Just received a great testimonial from past participant Simon Whitfield. Simon is the co-founder of Relentless Pursuit Partners   “an investment and consultancy team dedicated to healthy, active living in a connected world.” Simon is also know for being a dedicated dad to his two precious girls , Four-time Olympian winning Gold at  the Sydney Olympics and Silver at the Beijing Olympics and […]