Every decision you make affects everything

tumblr_ni4dkemuFP1qgfvpro1_1280You may have heard elements of this in past programs but we will be elevating its importance significantly in the future.
That is the work on yourself. As the principle of your company everything flows downhill from you. Every decision you make affects everything.

How come in the same ten years some people like Chip went from very little, to being worth 2 billion dollars and some people went backwards?

It is a cumulative effect of all the decisions you have made.  And that is huge over time. The classic example of rolling a ball down a hill –  1 mm of deviation at the top can end up as a 50 metre deviation at the bottom.


We do all sorts of work (including these workshops) to positively impact our decision making.

The thing that we miss is who is making the decisions. For instance if you are afraid of talking to people, or having certain types of conversations, then even our strategy for more effective conversation goes out the window. Your fear in the moment will divert you. We have all had the experience of completely prepping for an important conversation and then bailing on everything once in front of the person.

The cumulative effect of this is immeasurable. You are losing the potential effectiveness of every moment when diverted by concerns other than your core intention.  And many things can contribute.

Are you tired and just wanting this to be over so you can get home? Are you irritable? Put off by something at home? Impacted by a fear or concern from somewhere else? Worried about how you look or what someone else will think? Are you feeling off because you didn’t work out?


Are you feeling great because you had a killer workout? You had a great time with your lover or family. You have taken great care of yourself and you are peaceful and ready to be of service to others.  You feel good about life and are looking forward to the opportunity of playing in your business.

I could go on for some time.

I will never get across how important it is AS A BUSINESS TOOL to have YOU be in great shape. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Like any top performer – They work on themselves. Their fitness and skills. Their strength and endurance. Then they show up and play and the more they took care of themselves the more they make the right moves on the playing field  – and the game NEVER goes as planned. Your work on yourself prepared you for the dynamic.

So look at the Inconsistent, elevate, create chart in every area of your life. You do not have a personal life. You have a life. Your business is there to nurture and resource you when you are outside of work, and when you are not at work you are creating yourself to be an amazing person at work.

So if your mission/intention for people is “Life is great” are you taking that on in every area of your life. Are you dealing with the inconsistencies, elevating areas and creating new ways of having your life be great?

This is the only game in town.

Take it on and watch things wail.