AGsml Anurag Gupta

156845_150243441692193_5008252_nAnurag Gupta is a noted business coach with a background over 25 years including competitive sports, published academics, entrepreneurship (building 3 businesses by age 26), 20 years in personal development and human potential work with over 40,000 people on 4 continents, including over 100 organizations – the last 7 years coaching businesses with these principles.
Anurag (Rags), has been reliable for producing exponential growth with every company he has worked with and closing down every bar he has frequented.  His accomplishments include being integral to the exceptional success and performance of Lululemon Athletica(Nasdaq: LULU) amongst others.  What he does and adds to the companies he works with make the difference that’s required to generate breakthroughresults.

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