The #Aligned30 Daily Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who is playing the #Aligned30 challenge – you are over halfway by my calculations…If you have been playing along at home we are on day 16 with 14 more to go.
So we are going to add a wrinkle to the #Aligned30.
You could be in a few places:
  • Playing full out and sticking to your personal aligned30 challenges – powerfully realigning when out.
  • Tried and have given up – resigned, frustrated etc.
  • Wanted to get into it but didn’t get it together so just watching from the sidelines.
And there is an infinite number of combinations or other places on the spectrum you could be.
Well here is your chance to:
  • Level-up if you are already playing full out.
  • Re-engage and take some ground before the workshop if you have opted out.
  • Jump in and start now if you have just been observing.
Here’s the deal – from today (March 17) until the day before the workshop we are going to issue a daily #aligned30 challenge. These will not be difficult or too cumbersome but they will be designed to challenge you to take action to bring alignment to your life and maybe expose areas where there is misalignment (and some of them may just be fun).
We will post the daily challenge each morning 9AM PST here on the event blog and our social medias (twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram etc.) – engage with us and let us know if you are taking it on and your results share with #Aligned30. We may even have a prize for the person/people who complete the most (all) of the challenges.