What is this Aligned30 thing?

#ALIGNED30We are big fans of a nutritional program called the Whole30 ( www.whole30.com ) Anurag (the vegetarian) and I (the carnivore) have done it a number of times. Basically it is a 30 day reset of your diet – where you eat real food and avoid a bunch of foods that may be causing you all sorts of symptoms (hormonal, physical, emotional etc.). We always come out of the 30 days clear, full of energy – with a sense that our nutrition is aligned and we are ready to take on whatever is next. As well I can say that some amazing habits get formed or broken each time I do the challenge and stay with me moving forward. (Sugar – 98% Gone!, Dairy – 98% Gone!)

So in the lead up to the workshop we are throwing down our own 30 day challenge – the Aligned30 – we would love for you to step up and take on the aligned30 in the lead up to the workshop (and play along even if you are not able to attend the workshop!).

Here is how we see it –

Take a look at your life and begin to look and see where you see misalignment or areas that are not as aligned as you would like.

Use the 30 days in the run up to begin to bring alignment to areas that you know (without having to dig too deep) are out of alignment or could be more aligned – could be things like:
General Health
Relationships (romantic, family, work etc.)
Physical environments
Then commit with us to do something consistently for the 30 days leading up to the workshop that you know would have a positive impact on bringing alignment to your life. (need some ideas? we will provide a bunch – stay tuned and check back.)

Sounds great! So what are you doing for the challenge?

Glad you asked…Here is what I (Nick) am going to commit to for my Aligned30:

Diet – It’s time again for a whole30 – I will doing the whole30 in the lead up (this time I will cut out caffeine!!! Coffee is okay on this program but I think I’m going to try to take a 30 day break and see what impact it has.)

Presence and Groundedness – Meditate – Although I currently have a meditation practice it can be inconsistent – for my #Aligned30 I am committing to 30Min each day at least 1x per day.

Relationship – 3minute soul gaze/day with may beautiful wife (doesn’t sound like much but the impact on the alignment of our autonomic nervous system and our connection and reactions – AMAZING!)

Exercise/body movement – 30 days straight of physical activity (not necessarily going to be working out but will be intentional body movement…stay tuned on this one)

This may sound like a lot, but much of it I am already doing at some level but I would like to bring an even deeper level of alignment in these areas.

What am I putting on the line?? My hair! hah -If I do not complete the Aligned30 I will allow someone at the workshop to shave my head with a corresponding donation to… (I don’t know…..maybe maybe not)

Whats next?

Begin to look around you and see what is clearly out of alignment for you. Then take a cut at what might be something you could do consistently for the next 30 days that would positively impact that.
Get on the weekly calls  where we will be answering any of your questions about the workshop or your #aligned30.
Engage! Share with us and the community what you are committing to for your Aligned30 and what you are putting on the line…Share how you are making out, what results are you seeing, Download this PDF (socialmedia) for instructions on how to follow and interact on social media and how to join the Tuesday and Thursday calls.