Workshop Testimonial

Simon-Whitfield-CKS_2931-2Just received a great testimonial from past participant Simon Whitfield.

Simon is the co-founder of Relentless Pursuit Partners   “an investment and consultancy team dedicated to healthy, active living in a connected world.”

Simon is also know for being a dedicated dad to his two precious girls , Four-time Olympian winning Gold at  the Sydney Olympics and Silver at the Beijing Olympics and being Flag Bearer at the London Olympics. Not to mention he is a really great guy and up to a bunch of stuff!

Here is what he had to say about the most recent workshop in Victoria:

I had no idea what to expect going into DE beyond a friends recommendation to just go and soak it all in, I did just that.
It didn’t take long to understand why I was there and begin to let go of any trepidation I had about the time out of what felt like an over whelming schedule.
The quality of the material covered was excellent, I have made reference to my note book on many occasions, revisiting concepts we covered around personal accountability, what keeps us stuck and how I handle myself when my own insecurities are exposed.
Spending time after the course reflecting on how I contributed to the discussion, including my resistance to personally challenging concepts lead me to a greater understanding of how I operate, where my strengths and weakness are and how to move forward in a positive and constructive manner. The Difference Engine helped unveil the fog through which I could not see past by giving me space to listen, be challenged and be heard.