About Us


Who (What?) we are:



The state or condition of being dissimilar or unlike : their difference from another.

Not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality


“I have done numerous workshops and training all over the world. I have moved to Paris for the best training. Nothing I have ever done comes anywhere close to this workshop”


Mario Pacheco, Director of Investments, Banco Colpatria, Colombia

“Those guys are crazy –  I never drank so much scotch, smoked so many cigars, had so much fun with my family – and produced the most amazing impact on my life and business”

Greg Sharp, MD, DDO

 (make a) differenceto have a significant effect or impact

“We set up a game with them to double our business from 7 to 14 million over a year, and we did it in 3 months.”

Brian Low, Partner, Panther Construction

“In October we were about to shut down the business. Now June will have the highest sales for a month in the history of company and by May 15 we already reached 84% of what we need to break even for the year so all of the second half of the year is profit.”

Fernando Botero, President Estilo Publishing Group


• A machine with moving parts that converts power into motion.

“By applying these principles we got the business from idea to running, and in two months already achieved the sales we planned for the year”

Mynoo Blackburn, Fed100 Business Development 




What we’re up to:Completely redefine the way business is done. To demonstrate a model for business that produces exceptional results financially, operationally (including integrity of operations, productivity and quality of work life) and impact on the quality of life, both internally and externally.


“We set up a plan to achieve 12.5 million in sales in 1 year and we did it in two months, much more time with my family, now I actually love what I am doing, I love my job now…. Its fun…”

Treya Klassen, motus


And to acquire a volcano, which no self-respecting evil genius would be caught without, from which we will run the planet and fail to invite anyone we don’t like.


What we do: We sort you out -Lighten you up 

We have an approach we have now tried with companies of most sizes. When applied it produces exceptional results across the board – financially, quality of work and workplace, accountability and inspiration of the people, and impact on quality of life and the community.


How we do it:

We work with businesses in two distinct approaches:


In one to one short impact or long term engagements.


“The coaching and mentoring has already stretched every member of our management team beyond anything we thought possible. Our accelerated business growth (we have increased monthly [revenue] by eight times) is fast turning Screenetics into a force to be reckoned with…”

Lorraine King, Director, Sceenetics


Our high performance workshops where we work with a group of companies of various sizes.


“We gambled scarce resources to fly five company leaders to the Difference Engine training. If the training had ended after the first

morning it would have been worth it.”

Jan Holan, President and Founder, Skala Inc.