#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #12 – Compliment!


Today’s challenge, to help with your Monday after a long weekend, is to weave in compliments. Different than acknowledge though the compliment can be an acknowledgement.

Compliment the verb – “to praise or express admiration for someone.”

And here we are are talking about sincere, authentic heartfelt compliments. Not superficial made up ones (they always ring hollow anyway). Today look and see in your conversations where you can add a true compliment and see the impact it has on you, the other and even on the environment around you. Our words are powerful.

Can be as simple as:  “It was good to see you.” “It was really nice speaking with you.” etc.

See if you can add a compliment into every conversation you have today…I know you can do it (see what I did there? Compliment).

Let us know how it went. #Aligned30