#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #14 – Excuses!


Well this is day #14 and here is the last (for this time) challenge for you.

Excuses – we all make them, we have all had others make them to us. Well today be present to and aware of the excuses you are making. They could be excuses that you are making to yourself  and they could be excuses you are making to others.

Excuses allow us t0 place the blame for results or lack of results, failures and lack of action outside of us. Basically give away responsibility. They sound like: Not enough time, not enough money, too old, too young, X or Y didn’t deliver – etc. etc. blah blah blah.

When using excuses becomes a habit the impact on your life can become profound – your own confidence gets diminished, confidence of others in you, opportunities get missed because you were avoiding the challenge. Basically excuses allow you to play small. Certainly not an Aligned life.

So today begin at least to identify them. If you find yourself making an excuse stop and have a look – Is there something you can take responsibility for instead?

You either have your results or your reasons why not…

Let us know how it goes #Aligned30