#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #8 – Yell!


Essentially today’s challenge is about being fully expressed and engaged. getting outside of your routine self.

Yell, Shout, Holler, Scream  – let ‘er rip –  Whether at a sports game, playing Pictionary with your friends, playing a sport, at a concert or anything else. Lock yourself in a room notify the authorities (spouse, children etc.) and bring that yell right from your gut, sustain it and repeat as necessary.

We get enlivened out of the experience of getting out of our selves and being fully in the world.

Share with us how it went. How did you feel before (bit nervous? Self conscious?) How did you feel after (bet there was some re-aligning happening).

If Goats can do it I’m sure you can give it a try (this is pretty funny).