#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #14 – Excuses!

Well this is day #14 and here is the last (for this time) challenge for you. Excuses – we all make them, we have all had others make them to us. Well today be present to and aware of the excuses you are making. They could be excuses that you are making to yourself  and they […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #13 – Resistance!

Challenge 13 – only two left – lets turn the heat up a little and finish up with a bang. Steven Pressfield talks about resistance in his book The War of Art: “Resistance will tell you anything to keep you from doing your work. It will perjure, fabricate, falsify; seduce, bully, cajole. Resistance is protean. […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #12 – Compliment!

Today’s challenge, to help with your Monday after a long weekend, is to weave in compliments. Different than acknowledge though the compliment can be an acknowledgement. Compliment the verb – “to praise or express admiration for someone.” And here we are are talking about sincere, authentic heartfelt compliments. Not superficial made up ones (they always ring […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #11 – Acknowledge!

Here is a simple (but perhaps not easy) one and fitting for Easter Sunday. Acknowledge – Today acknowledge someone. The value they are, what they contribute to your life, what you love about them, the difference they make, what’s great about them. You get the idea… Let us know how it went. #Aligned30  

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #10 – Give/Help!

Give/help  – Look for an opportunity today to just give. Give someone some money. Give some of your stuff away. Buy someone a meal. Give some of your time. Give your time to help someone move or paint their house. Give someone a break. Give someone a much needed compliment. GIVE. Feel the release from […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #9 – Surprise!

Being Surprised – a critical element to having magic and alignment in your life. It requires some unknown and unfamiliar things. The unexpected. We get an unexpected gift. Unexpected bonus. Unexpected great service. An unexpected visit. We go somewhere new and have a surprisingly good time. We are surprised that we like something we never […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #8 – Yell!

Essentially today’s challenge is about being fully expressed and engaged. getting outside of your routine self. Yell, Shout, Holler, Scream  – let ‘er rip –  Whether at a sports game, playing Pictionary with your friends, playing a sport, at a concert or anything else. Lock yourself in a room notify the authorities (spouse, children etc.) and […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #7 – Be Wrong!

Sometimes a tough one for people. We miss a lot of the world because we are so right about things and only see and interpret things consistent with our views. This makes us closed to many possibilities and has us often make bad decisions because our view is not accurate. So today make a practice of […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #6 – Not so Smartphone !

      Here’s one that people might find a bit more challenging… Don’t use a mobile device in the presence of others for today. When you are around other people be with them not in your phone… If you are at lunch with others – keep your phone in your pocket or away until […]

#Aligned30 Daily Challenge #5 – Sweat!

Happy Monday everyone.  Today’s challenge is simple  – Do enough physical exertion to make you sweat. Exercise. Play a sport. Do some labor. Feel yourself put your body through its paces. Put some demand on it and make yourself stronger. Let us know what you did and how it felt – #Aligned30