The Workshop

Dates: March 31 – April 3, 2016

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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We have all experienced those times of flow or “being in the zone” – when everything is going great, you may be working hard but everything is working. You are clear and grounded, confident that you are taking the appropriate actions. Feeling energized and alive. We would say that you are personally aligned.

How about when you have an amazing experience with a company – you are completely cared for and every aspect of your interaction from beginning to end is spectacular. Again we would say this is the power of an aligned company (and team) delivering and aligned intention.

Have you ever asked yourself why some company’s perform so well in down economies and then leverage that into even higher performance when the economy improves? We would say that this is another example of alignment. One where the company does the work and creating required to align themselves with the wants and needs of the world – aligning brand, strategies, team, innovation, customer experience. We will teach you how to align with changing business environments having you be dynamic and agile when conditions change.

What if you could build and aligned life? Aligned teams? A company aligned with what the world wants and needs? Know how to continually true-up so that when you are inevitably out of alignment you can quickly and gently realign in the moment while building an aligned future that rocks.

The workshop does not promise that all of these alignments will magically exist after…In fact you will likely be confronted by the amount of work there is to do. We do promise however you will have a map and a clear sense of the next steps to take (and have taken some of those steps). You will have a very deep understanding of alignment, what it means for you, why it is important and hopefully be excited about doing that work. Join Us!

In this four day workshop we show you how to do it.  Get clear about how to design what it looks like when it is finished, create the pathways to build it and how to set into motion that actions that will have it become reality.

Below are some of the topics that we will cover:


What it is: Taking the time to think out how you want to show up in the world. Both as a personal preference and also what will forward the results you want to produce. Then working backwards to determine what needs to be done to make this happen. What needs to be in the design of the business. How does this need to presented? What needs to promoted – how and where with what message?

What does it mean to you: You have a business whose name and reputation work for you. The place where people want to come first and refer to others. A trusted advisor and supplier.


What it is: Understanding that nobody is buying what you are selling. They are buying what it represents to them as a benefit. How to learn what is your real potential customer base (almost always many times bigger than you think it is). How to produce very effective conversations and presentations for the many different types of customers you may have. Sales are basically produced by two factors – 1) quantity of action/conversations 2) effectiveness of action.  We will look at what are the best actions for you, and how to have them be as effective as possible. Learn how to, debrief and constantly improve your approach. We work on how to build vertical market campaigns. Take one segment of your market, prefect the message for them and then design and deliver a successful sales campaign to every potential in your target areas. If appropriate how to create and use affiliates to deliver sales or leads.

What does it mean to you: Being able to target and produce whatever level of sales you want. Being able to do so in a very efficient and effective manner so there is not a lot of struggle and your margins and profits are high.


What it is: First it is about determining who is your potential market. Almost always people have many times more potential  customers than they think they do. Next we break this down in to all the different types of people or customers. Another common mistake is only having one presentation or message. Different people see different benefits in your product/service.  You will deal with the following three steps: 1) Who do we want to reach?  2) How are we going to reach them?  3) What are we going to say when we reach them?  Get clear how to target your markets and reach them effectively with the resources you have.

What does it mean to you: Being known by the right people for what you provide as a benefit to them. Having your customer base aware of you and having clarity about why to use you.

Hiring and Attracting the right people:

What it is: How do you design a business that attracts the best people? What are the things people look for? How do you create that? How do you get the word out? How to define what you are looking for? How to write great adds that both screen out the wrong people and attract the right ones. setting up powerful interviews that reveal what is important.

What does it mean to you: Having a high performance team that work well together – people you can count on and that you enjoy working with. Having peace of mind because you know your business is in good hands. Satisfied customers. Great performance.

 Managing staff/yourself :

What it is: Understanding what drives people. Getting them connected to their self interest in performing. Creating an environment that has you and them be at your best. Knowing the right things to track and manage for best effectiveness and quality. How to set up your company.

What does it mean to you: Having a dynamic workplace that you and your staff enjoy and look forward to.   Great performance and satisfaction. A company that people love doing business with. Precision and consistency.

Having a great life:

What it is: The thoughtful design of your business to give a daily experience that is exceptional. This does not mean that there isn’t work to do – but it is possible to work smart and structure such that all (not some) areas of your life are great. We do this by having organizational goals that include your personal ones and organize from there. For instance we will structure the company to deliver on your financial goals, as well as your fitness goals. Sales activity to produce you sales targets can be set up. Time and scheduling required for you to reach your fitness (or family, or fun) goals can be similarly designed into the company.

What does it mean to you: You have a great experience of life. You are nurtured and happy. You love what you do. You have no resentment of your business because it is not robbing you of any joy or important parts of your life.

Operations Excellence:

What it is: If willing you can be guided to design every part of your business – sales, delivery, customer service, financial etc in a manner that is smooth, efficient and that has both customers and suppliers loving doing business with you, as well as employees (and yourself) loving working there. We will show you how to look at each aspect of your business, assess it and redesign it for excellence. This takes time. Like rebuilding your house into your dream house. But it is worth it.

What does it mean to you: A smooth running business. A pleasure to run, to work in, to supply and to do business with. Dynamic, fast growing, able to deal with everything that comes up and outstanding from your competition.

Flow Of Money:

What it is: People and entities (business, organizations, institutions etc) spend money every day/week/month/year. They expect to (spend money). As do you. The expenditure is constantly flowing. You don’t just spend. You think about where you are going to spend. You direct where you money flows. There are things that you use to determine that. Learn how this works. What determines the flow? How do you direct it towards you? How do you keep it flowing sustainably? How do you move from sales to managing and expanding the flow?  It is about clearly creating your differentiation. Communicating it effectively to the right people. And delivering on it with integrity.

What it means to you: Having a steady cash flow at the level that you want. Understanding how it works so you can maintain or expand as you choose. No longer being at the effect of money and that survival feeling. Over time – more focus on the quality of your delivery rather than trying to get more business. 

Key Performance Principles:

What it is: There are key elements and principles. The building blocks of a successful business. Let’s look at all of the required pieces that, if in place, will ensure things working out.  What’s behind good sales, branding, organization, culture, strategic thinking and planning, delivery? There are people who are 100% reliable for having a business succeed. Learn what the critical elements are that allow that to happen.  

What it means to you: Having a solid roadmap and some certainty and confidence to create a business that succeeds and that you enjoy building.

Access To Being Passionate About Your Business:

What it is: Getting to the heart of what lights you up. Learning how to clarify and articulate it. Then actually designing the architecture of your company to maintain and expand on it. Now your business is a vehicle for your passion being alive and a game you love to play.

What does it mean to you: Loving what you do. Having a great time. Having your business feed you energy vs take it. Being infectious and irresistible to others.

Live The Cliche Life: 

What it is: Most of us have given up on and sometimes even make fun of all the cliches. But the fact is, they are based in some reality. We would have them if we could. We won’t pretend it doesn’t take more than the average amount of work, but they are available. You can love what you do every day. You  can plan the success you want and have it. You can design your business around how you want to live your life, You can have a dynamic team of great and effective people around you. You can have great clients that you love to do business with. It requires thinking from places other than just trying to get more sales or cut costs. You have to care about the design of your business as much or more than you care about the design of what you sell.

What does it mean to you: Very simply – a life that rocks.