nicksquare Nick Banks

63949_10150331641005012_5984200_nNick – Robin to the Batman, Kemosabe to the Lone Ranger, Good Cop to the Bad Cop (and sometimes Visa versa), Yin to the Yang….I think you get the idea. Nick is the guy in background and will be your co-host for this event.

For the last five years Nick has been working with Anurag, working closely with clients and generally making things happen in the background. Well versed in all of the DE principles and a pretty mean coach in his own right Nick is always available if you need a Rags translation or some additional clarity. His favorite areas of focus are Technology, Finance and setting up the structures to deliver those peak experiences we are looking for.

Husband to one beautiful wife and father to one very special 18 month old daughter. Nick loves spending time with his family at the beach, park out in the woods – hell basically anywhere.



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